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Best Kids Picture Books About Dogs to Read Aloud

Best Kids Picture Books About Dogs to Read Aloud

May 14 , 2020 by Ramona Morrow

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My favorite dog quote is, “A true friend leaves paw prints on your heart” written by an Unknown Author. That is so, so true.

Jamie and I had two dogs, a 5 lb. female papillon named Sunny and a 110 lb. male husky Akita named Dantz. We got Dantz when he was one and half years old from the Humane Society and Sunny when she was 6 months old from a friend.

Watching Sunny grow up with Dantz who was protecting her every step of the way was beyond heartwarming. These two dogs had a bond so strong nothing could break it. Size did not matter. Before going outside Sunny would let Dantz go out first and scare away any boogieman hiding in the shadows.

Going for walks was comical because at the dog park people would go crazy when they saw this huge dog, small dog combo. Sunny would weave in and out of Dantz’s legs when we were walking as Dantz hovered over her like an umbrella. “Isn’t she going to get stepped on?” people would ask. Jamie and I would say, “No” they know what they are doing. And they did.

Dantz and Sunny have passed away now and are watching over both of us in Dog Heaven. For Jamie and myself, Dantz and Sunny have a never-ending impression on our hearts. We both remember the times we had with them and feel lucky to have had them in our lives. With each memory there is a beautiful smile and a warm heart that goes a long with it.

Now, dog books are great company and great reading at night before I go to bed. The fictional dogs I have read about as a child was one reason as I decided to have real dogs in my life and the fictional dogs Jamie read about as a child was the reason, he decided to have a big dog. A big dog would be able to protect us was Jamie’s reasoning as the man of the family. Once you have a dog in your life you will never forget them because they are included as family.

Children find picture books simpler, quicker, better, and easier for them to read when they are alone. As the child flips through the pages of the book they will find beautiful, cute, and wonderfully illustrated themed pictures of puppies or full-grown dogs. Picture books have the greatest ability to capture the imaginations of adults and children alike. Let your imagination soar and grow!

This list of best kids picture books about dogs to read aloud will surely please your child. You will find humorous dog books, the friendliness, the cutest, the silliest, the smartest, the sweetest, even the naughtiest, who are loyal companions, and some are the most mischievous little rascals with the best puppy dog eyes ever. You might even shed a tear for the heart-breaker dog book. Dog lover adults and pooch-loving kids will surely bark about these dog books. Tail-wagging good books. We know you will love this collection! Our dog books can have a special place in your heart. Over time, our books will become treasures and honored by kids all over the world too!


Author Ramona Morrow

Jamie's Pet Children's Book English Edition was published on January 07, 2019 by Page Publishing.

Book Awards Received: PINNACLE BOOK ACHIEVEMENT AWARD – 2019 Fall Winner – Best Book in Category of Children’s Interest.

The Book Format available as Children's Paperback Book, Children's eBook Kindle Edition, and Children's Audible Audiobook.

Book Series is Jamie & Gizmo's Fun Time Adventures Series. Keep an eye out for Book 2 Jamie & Gizmo's Day on the Farm.

Best Book Categories for Jamie's Pet are Children's Books, Children's Picture Books, Children's Animals Books, Children's Pets Books, and Children's Dog Books.

Jamie's Pet Best Kids Book About Dogs to Read Aloud

A charming children's book story about a little boy who wants a pet. Jamie is not sure what kind of pet to get. So, Jamie and his Mother make a trip to the pet store. At the pet store, Jamie discovers all types of pets available. Jamie finds that he has to make a tough decision about which pet to get. Jamie walks with his Mother throughout the pet store looking at all sorts of different pets. Jamie holds a pet and know instantly that this is the kind of pet he want to get. Jamie finds his perfect pet, perfect friend.


Ramona read Clifford, the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell and Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Rey in the Third grade and was bitten by the Book Bug. She has loved books ever since. Ramona writes poetry, short stories, reads, listen to music, blogging about my books, and loves to cook as a form of relaxation, “Cooking relaxes me. I love to create meals from scratch.”


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