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Essential Useful Resources for Authors List

Thank you for visiting Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas to learn more about Important Author Resources. This page is here for those book authors, whether you are a new or an experienced author, who are looking for something different to help them improve there writing skills, book trailers, creating an app, or a thesaurus to help you find that perfect synonymy. Essential and useful resources for authors is perfect for you to expand your writing tool kit. I found this information guide to be a very useful resource for authors and figured you could benefit from them too. Each of these programs and tools are important and provide a different service to help you in your marketing and promotional strategies or aid in the necessities for running a business. The following essential resources for authors will provide you with useful information and introductions on their services you could use for your business, next writing assignment, your recent manuscript, or article you are writing. These are perfect author resources and tools! Important information for book authors that will make everything work smoothly for you. Below the focus of attention is brought by highlighting the important author resources and tools to assist you with a small description so you know what they are all about.

I will continue to add to this list as I find or use businesses or programs that help me with my author business, book writing, and website so you too can benefit with your business or writing. Keep checking back. More valuable information on the Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas page that will help your book or company.

I hope you find this information helpful in your marketing and promoting adventure. I decided not to charge for this information like other people do. The only payment I want is for you to purchase my book, Jamie’s Pet children's book available on Amazon only if you want to. Remember, leave a review.

Advance Text Analyzer - Analyzing Texts, Calculating the Number of Words, Lexical Density, Words per Sentence, Characters per Word and the Readability of the Text, Word Analysis, Phrase Analysis, Graded Analysis.

Animoto Blog - How to Make a Book Trailer in Minutes.

AppsVillage - Build your Brand Online. Turn your Business Page into a Business App in Seconds.

Appy Pie - A Mobile App Creator. Looking to Make an App for your Book or Business. Look no Further.

Author Marketing Experts - A Book Marketing Company. Offers FREE Consultation. Will Teach you How to Sell More Books.

Bitly – Link Shortener

Canva - You can Create Beautiful Designs and Graphics for your Social Media Accounts, Blog Posts, or to help Maximize your Book Promotion.    

Chicago Style Editing and Proofreading Services - Self-Explanatory

ClickFunnels - Create your own Sales Funnel. Helps increase Traffic to your Landed Page. Software that lets you Design, Develop, and Launch end-to-end Sales Funnels with Ease.

Combined Book Exhibit - Display and Showcase your Book at Major US and International Book Fairs.

Constant Contact - Help Grow your Small Business with Email Marketing Campaigns. You need an Email Plus Account and Charges more for their Services than other Companies. Has a Trial Period.

CuteStat - Provides Various Statistical Reports, Website Stats, and Website Evaluation etc.

Designrr – Instant eBooks with New Technology – Create eBooks in Minutes. 

Digatoon – Digital Cartoon Company 

DocuSign – Digital Signature – American or Canadian  

Domain Dossier – Investigate Domains and IP Addresses. Use this for all Websites you don’t know are Real Websites or Fake Websites.

Doodly - Lets you create Professional Realistic Doodle Videos in Minutes. Entertain, Engage, and Affect your Viewers in a Positive Way.

Dropbox - Is a FREE Service where you can store Files/Folders in the Cloud and Share them with Whomever you Want.

Google Images - Unlimited Images you can use to Explain what you are trying to Explain.

Grammarly - Free Writing Assistant. Corrects Grammar and Spelling Mistakes.

GTmetrix - Website Speed and Performance Optimization   

Headliner – Makes Video Creation Easy. Promote your Podcast, Radio Show or Blog. You can Share to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Anywhere there is Video Hosted.

Hemingway Editor App - Corrects Common Errors, and Lengthy, Complex Sentences in your Writing. This App will make your Writing Bold and Clear.

InPixio Photo Clip 9 - Amazing Photo Editor. Photo Editing has never been Easier. Remove Unwanted Stuff from your Pictures and Corrects Errors.

Kindlepreneur - Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors – Amazon Sales Rank Calculator, Complete Guide to Kindle Keyword Selection, and Publisher Rocket.

MailChimp - Helps you Build an Audience with Email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Social Ads, and More. Different plans to chose from. Allows Anyone to use their Services (FREE or Paid). FREE Plan for up to 2,000 Subscribers.

OneLook Dictionary Search - Online Dictionary where you can Define and Translate Words in one Place.

PageSpeed Insights - Analyzes the Content of your Web Page then Generates Suggestions to Make that Page Faster.

Powtoon - Creates Videos and Presentations. Simple and Easy to use for Making your Book Trailer.

Promo - Make eye-catching Video Ads. Grab your Customers Attention. Stunning Results. Ready in Minutes.

Raven Website Auditor - Diagnose Website Issues and Improves Visibility to Your Site.

Ripl – Create Eye-Catching Social Media Videos

Scrivener - Has a Trial Period. Great for Every Writer to use as your First Draft with Writing your Manuscript or Article. Is used for Planning, Writing, or Structuring Long Texts. 

SEMrush - SEM and SEO Tool. Helps You to Rank Higher in Search Engines.

Smith Publicity – Book Publicity Firm and Book PR Services - Will Promote Your Book Before the Book is Released Only.

Snagit – Screen Capture and Screen Recorder. Allows you to easily create Visual Documents to Communicate Information Quickly and Effectively.

SpyFu – Download your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and Ads for Paid and Organic Search.

Taboola - Higher Engagement than Regular Ad Formats. Drive Traffic and Conversions. Attract Engaged Traffic to your Blogs, Articles, Videos, Apps, and More. Reach more relevant audiences across the web's top publishers.

TaleFlick – Moving Stories to Screen 

Thesaurus - Synonym and Dictionary Only

Toonly - Creates Animated Sales Videos. You make Professional High Quality Animated Videos for Business or Personal Projects. Simple and easy to use. You have creative control.

The US Review of Books -  Professional Book Reviews

Verbix - An English Conjugator will help you use Verbs in Proper Tense.

Viddyozze - Create Stunning Animations in Minutes. Easy to Create Animations.

Vidello - Create Professional Videos in Minutes. You can Make and Edit Videos easily for your clients who need Videos for YouTube Video Content, Square Social Videos, Video Ads, Video Training Courses, or for your own Personal use.

Whizbuzz Books - Economical Book Promotion for New Authors and Existing Authors.

WordCounter - Counts Words and Corrects Writing

Word Hippo Thesaurus -  Synonyms, Antonyms, Definitions, Rhymes, Sentences, Translations, Find Words, Word Forms, and Pronunciations.

Write Rhymes - Site helps you find a Word that Rhymes with the Word that you just Typed.


Articles Worth Reading

These articles are worth your time in reading, they are full of valuable information and can help aid in your decision to use the service, solve a problem you may have, purchase the service or product.

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MailChimp vs Constant Contact - Which is Better? by Paul Jarvis - This article shows the difference between MailChimp and Constant Contact in black and white. See the difference before making your decision with which email service you want. You will learn lots.

Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author by ZenBusiness  - Article includes information about authors Education - Skills, College Degrees for Writers, Career Options; Self-Publishing - Choosing the Right Self-Publishing Company, What to be Wary of; Approaching a Publisher - How to get an Agent, Book Proposals, and Editing your Book with an Editor.

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