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Thank you for visiting Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas to learn more about Important Resources for Authors - Essential and Useful Resources for Authors. This page is here for those book authors, whether you are a new or an experienced author, who are looking for something different to help them improve there writing skills, book trailers, creating an app, or a thesaurus to help you find that perfect synonymy.

Essential Useful Resources for Authors List

Essential and Useful Resources for Authors

Essential and useful resources for authors is perfect for you to expand your writing tool kit. I found this information guide to be a very useful resource for authors and figured you could benefit from them too. Each of these programs and tools is important and provides a different service to help you in your marketing and promotional strategies or aid in the necessities for running a business. The following essential resources for authors will provide you with useful information and introductions on their services you could use for your business, your next writing assignment, your recent manuscript, or the article you are writing.

These are perfect author resources and tools! Important information for book authors that will make everything work smoothly for you. Below the focus of attention is brought by highlighting the important author resources and tools to assist you with a small description so you know what they are all about. I had collected all of these resources and had them on scraps of paper or napkins, all over in my favourites, and everywhere on Word Pad to the point I forgot what I had and where I put it on my laptop. Now I found the perfect place. This page is the perfect home. Having them all on one page makes it easier to find. If you find this page, Important Author Resources, Essential and Useful Resources for Authors, make sure you save in your favourites because you will keep coming back. All the resources you will need all in one spot and on one page.

Make sure you check out the section below called 'Articles Worth Reading'. These articles are Worth their Weight in Gold. Once reading the articles you will agree. Each article might even save you some money in the long run. One thing, I know you will learn some very important information you need as an author.

I will continue to add to this list as I find or use businesses or programs that help me with my author business, book writing, and website so you too can benefit from your business or writing. Keep checking back. More valuable information on the Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas page that will help your book or company.

I hope you find this information helpful in your marketing and promoting adventure. I decided not to charge for this information as other people do. The only payment I want is for you to purchase my book, Jamie’s Pet children's book available on Amazon only if you want to. Remember, leave a review.

Disclaimer: These Resources/Links on this page have been extremely helpful in assisting Ramona Morrow Books with successful marketing and promotional campaigns, products, services, ideas, and brainstorming strategies. These links below are perfect for other authors to add to your marketing and promotion plan because these services have valuable information for authors. Check them out!

Ramona Morrow Books is not affiliated with any of the companies or services listed below.  All companies and individuals are encouraged to read and understand each service, their policies, and then decide if they are right fit for you.

Adobe Spark - This is where you can transform your ideas into short videos, magazine-style web stories, and turn your photo with graphics to stand out from the rest found online.

Advance Text Analyzer - Analyzing Texts from a Microsoft Office Word Document, Calculating the Number of Words, Lexical Density, Words per Sentence, Characters per Word and the Readability of the Text, Word Analysis, Phrase Analysis, Graded Analysis.

Advanced System Repair Pro - An Excellent Tool Designed to both Clean and Optimize your Computer System. Easy to Use. Just Follow Prompts. When your Computer is Running Slow use this, I did. My Computer is now happy with me.

Airtasker - Need to Outsource some Projects. Airtasker is the place to go. This is where your task will get done. You hire the skilled people at the price you want. Tasks for businesses like Office Administration, Promotional Work, Computer, IT Support, Photography, Graphic Design, Website Support, Blog Support, etc. Just check out the Categories.

AlignableIs a Referral Network for Small Business. When you reach more businesses you make more customers.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing - Where you can Self-Publish eBooks or Paperback Books and reach Amazon Audiences around the World.

Animoto Blog - How to Make a Book Trailer in Minutes. 

AppsVillage - Build your Brand Online. Turn your Business Page into a Business App in Seconds.

Appy Pie - A Mobile App Creator. Looking to Make an App for your Book or Business. Look no Further.

Author Marketing Experts - A Book Marketing Company. Offers FREE Consultation. Will Teach you How to Sell More Books.

Bitly – Link Shortener.

Booklinker Link - Is a FREE tool that helps the author to create a localized Amazon link that works anywhere in the world where your audience is. Means more sales. 

Canva - You can Create Beautiful Designs and Graphics for your Social Media Accounts, Blog Posts, or help Maximize your Book Promotion.    

Chicago Style Editing and Proofreading Services - Self-Explanatory. Looking for an Eagle-Eyed Editor for your Fiction or Nonfiction Book.

ClickFunnels - Create your own Sales Funnel. Helps increase Traffic to your Landed Page. This Software allows you to Develop, Design, and How-To Launch end-to-end Sales Funnels Effortlessly.   

Combined Book Exhibit - Display and Showcase your Book at Major US and International Book Fairs.

Constant Contact - Help Grow your Small Business with Email Marketing Campaigns. You need an Email Plus Account and Charges more for their Services than other Companies. Has a Trial Period.

CuteStat - Provides Various Statistical Reports, Website Stats, and Website Evaluation etc. Here is how CuteStat rated Ramona Morrow Books when we went Live. - They are Award-Winning Book Cover Designers. If you are a fan of Kindlepreneur then there is a 5% Special Discount for you. Use 'KINDLE5' to get your discount. Reasonable Packages.

Designrr – Instant eBooks with New Technology – Create eBooks in Minutes.

DIY Book Covers - Online Software for Designing your Own Book Cover.

DocuSign – Digital Signature – American or Canadian  

Domain Dossier – Investigate Domains and IP Addresses. Use this for all Websites you don’t know are Real Websites or Fake Websites.

Doodly - Lets you create Professional Realistic Doodle Videos in Minutes. The Realistic Videos Will Entertain, Engage, and Affect your Viewers in a very Positive Way.

Dropbox - Is a FREE Service up to your first 5 GB. This is where you can store Files/Folders in the Cloud and Share them with Whomever you Want.

eBook Launch - Has eBook Editing Services, Book Cover Design, and Book Formatting for Authors' looking to have a Professional Format done for your book. They have Affordable Prices and Quick Turnaround Services.

Essay/Paragraph Shuffler - A very Powerful Tool that will Shuffle your Sentences  within your Article making that Article completely different than the Original Version by Making your Article Genuine and Unique.

Ezine Articles - If you like Writing and have Articles this is the Outlet for you. If you want more Exposure, Credibility,  and Traffic back to your Website this is where you Submit your High Quality, Original Articles. These Articles are usually 'How-To' or Educational in Nature. FREE Membership.

Favicon and App Icon Generator - This is where you Generate Icons for Websites, Android, Microsoft, and iOs (iPhone and iPad) Apps. You can Maintain Image Dimensions. - If you can't afford top-notch Book Cover Designers then you can use this site. But don't expect perfection like top-notch Designers. They will do in a pinch. You get what you pay for.  Use their Graphics & Design.

GetResponse - An Email Service that is User-Friendly, Cheap, and a Reliable Service.

Google Images - Unlimited Images you can use to Explain what you are trying to Explain.

Grammarly - Free Writing Assistant. Corrects Grammar and Spelling Mistakes.

GTmetrix - Website Speed and Performance Optimization.

Headliner – Makes Video Creation Easy. Promote your Podcast, Radio Show or Blog. You can Share to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Anywhere there is Video Hosted.

Hemingway Editor App - Corrects Common Errors, and Lengthy, Complex Sentences in your Writing. This App truly will make your Writing Bold and Clear.

ibookson - When you become a member which is a very reasonable one-time price they will promote your book to Facebook and LinkedIn. They have three price packages for you to choose from Silver, Gold, Platinum. Platinum price package allows you to post your book unlimited times to ibookson's website.

InPixio Photo Clip 9 - Amazing Photo Editor. Photo Editing has never been Easier. Remove Unwanted Stuff from your Pictures and Corrects Errors.

Jeff Brown Graphics - Jeff Brown is a Book Cover Illustrator and Designer. He has worked with some of the best-selling authors. He has over 500 Book Designs and 15,000 hours of professional experience as an illustrator. Take a look at his work and you will be impressed.

Jutoh - This Program is strictly for Creating eBooks in Epub and Kindle Formats that will Publish on any eBook Distribution Site.

Keyword Tool for Amazon - This Keyword Tool is your Best way to Increase your Chances of Getting a Sale is by Making sure that your Products can be Easily Searched and Found on Amazon.

Keyword Tool for Google - This Keyword Tool will help you Discover Thousands of New Long-Tail Keywords Related to any Topic.

Keyword Tool for Instagram Hashtags - This Keyword Tool will help you to Generate and Select Hundreds or even Thousands of Relevant Hashtags in a Matter of Seconds. This is the easiest way to get the Most Relevant Hashtags and add them to your Posts and Stories.

Kindlepreneur - Book Marketing for Self-Publishing Authors – Amazon Sales Rank Calculator, Complete Guide to Kindle Keyword Selection, and Publisher Rocket. Also, Included are The Complete List of Book Promotion Websites, Masterclass Review, The Ultimate Guide on How to Start a Publishing Company, The Best Book Writing Software, The Book Cover Design Mastery Guide, and the Scrivener Review - Is It Worth It?

Loom - Is an up-and-coming way to communicate effectively with video. Loom is great for communicating with your team.

MailChimp - Helps you Build an Audience with Email Campaigns, Landing Pages, Social Ads, and More. Different plans to choose from. Allows Anyone to use their Services (FREE or Paid). FREE Plan for up to 2,000 Subscribers.

MailerLite - Email Marketing Service. FREE from 1 to 1000 subscribers and 12,000 emails per month. After that you have to pay. Price are very reasonable.

OneLook Dictionary Search - Online Dictionary where you can Define and Translate Words in one Place.

OptinMonster - A PAID Optin Plugin, has A/B Testing, customization the way you like it.

PageSpeed Insights - Analyze the Content of your Web Page then Generates Suggestions to Make that Page Faster.

Photzy - Brand-New Secret Photographic Training Method called The Snap Cards. This is the Simplest way for you to Learn and Master Photography on-the-go.

Plagiarism Checker - A FREE Accurate Online Tool that Detects Copyright Content from Assignments, Articles, and/or Documents from Billions of Web Pages and Major Content Databases available on the Internet. This Device helps Catch Accidental Plagiarism.

Powtoon - Creates Videos and Presentations. Simple and Easy to use for Making your Book Trailer.

Promo - Make eye-catching Video Ads. Grab your Customers Attention. Stunning Results. Ready in Minutes.

ProWritingAid - Is an editing software that will check your spelling and grammar. It also gives you alternative writing suggestions and reports. Prices are reasonable.

Publisher Rocket - This Software is Easy to Use and it helps you find your Profitable Keywords for your book. This Software also helps you how-to figure out which Category is best for your book. The Publisher Rocket will help you Sell more books and eBooks on Amazon. One Time fee $97.

Random Name Picker - Enter the names in the box then press the bar to randomly pick one of the names from which you had entered. The winner has been chosen. Simple as that. Better than picking from a hat or bowl if you don't have too.

Raven Website Auditor - Diagnose Website Issues and Improves Visibility to Your Site.

Reedsy - Helps you Find the Designer, Marketer, or Perfect Editor. Where Authors Find and can Work with the very Best Publishing Professionals.

Ripl – Create Eye-Catching Social Media Videos.

Scrivener - Has a Trial Period. Great for Every Writer to use as your First Draft with Writing your Manuscript or Article. It is used for Planning, Writing, or Structuring Long Texts. Scrivener was designed by authors for authors.

Search Grader - You can now Grade your Search. Your FREE Personalized Report shows where you have the Opportunity for Improvement.

SEMrush - SEM and SEO Tool. Helps You to Rank Higher in Search Engines.

Sentence Scrambler Maker - Easy-to-use Sentence Scrambler Generator. A very handy tool to have. 

Similar Sites - Easily Explore Alternative Websites and Instantly find Similar Sites.

SiteGround - If you are looking for a good Web Hosting Platform then this is it. They are reliable and have great customer service.

Smilebox - Is a slideshow maker and is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. You can make Birthday Cards, Cards, Collages, eCards, Flyers, Invitations, and anything else along those lines.

Smith Publicity – Book Publicity Firm and Book PR Services - Will Promote Your Book Before the Book is Released Only.

Snagit – Screen Capture and Screen Recorder. It Allows you to easily create Visual Documents to Communicate Information Quickly and Effectively.

SpyFu – You can Download your Competitors’ Most Profitable Keywords and also their Ads for Organic and Paid Search.

StoryOrigin - This is a community of authors where they can find reviewers, build their email list, and increase sales for their book or books.

SumoMe - If you don't want to pay for an Optin Plugin then this is for you. Be aware it does not have A/B Testing. 

Taboola - Helps your Website get Higher Engagement than those on Regular Ad Formats. Drives more Traffic to the Website and Raises your Conversion Rate. It also helps Attract Engaged Traffic to your Articles, Blogs, Apps, Videos, and More. Great way for you to Reach more Relevant Audiences from across the web's top publishers.

TaleFlick – Moving Stories to Screen.

Textbroker - FREE Registration for you as an Author (to earn money writing content) or as a Client (to order content). This is where you get unique, engaging website content.    

Thesaurus - Synonym and Dictionary Only.

Toonly - Creates Animated Sales Videos. You make Professional High-Quality Animated Videos for Business or Personal Projects. Simple and easy to use. You have creative control.

The US Review of Books -  Professional Book Reviews.

UpWork - Are you needing to hire a copyeditor, proofreader, copywriting, script writer, etc., then this is the place for you. UpWork has very talented professionals who are willing to be hired for your short term project.

Verbix - An English Conjugator will help you use Verbs in Proper Tense.

Viddyozze - Create Stunning Animations in Minutes. Easy to Create Animations.

Vidello - Create Professional Videos in Minutes. You can Make and Edit Videos easily for your clients who need Videos for YouTube Video Content, Square Social Videos, Video Ads, Video Training Courses, or for your own Personal use.

WaterProof Paper - This is where you get your FREE Printable Calendars, Graph Paper, Maps, and Targets. They sell other useful items too.

Whizbuzz Books - Economical Book Promotion for New Authors and Existing Authors.

WordCounter - Counts Words and Corrects Writing. 

Word Hippo Thesaurus -  Synonyms, Antonyms, Definitions, Rhymes, Sentences, Translations, Find Words, Word Forms, and Pronunciations.

Word Search Maker - This will help you Make your Own Word Search Game on any Topic you Like. Great for Adding to your Activity Book for Adults or Children.

Word Search Maker Reading Worksheet Generator - Enter your Word Search Content and the Generator will Make a Word Search Worksheet for you.

Write Rhymes - Site helps you find a Word that Rhymes with the Word that you just Typed.


Articles Related to Important Resources for Authors | Essential and Useful

These articles are worth your time in reading, they are full of valuable information and can help aid in your decision to use the service, solve a problem you may have, avoid getting scammed, purchase the service or product. Please Report any Article that does not Represent what is Printed Down Below. False, Fake, or Misleading Websites will be DELETED without Notifying the Author or Writer of the Article. Report any Broken Links so they can be Fixed. Webmaster Reserves the Right to place Articles where they are Best Suited for that Article.

Army of Clones: Author Solutions Spawns a Legion of Copycats by Victoria Strauss for Writer Beware - A Fantastic article that includes a list of Scam Clone Companies and Philippines-based Publishing and Marketing Scams Targeting Indie Authors. Important information about Solicitation, Offers to Re-Publish Authors' Books, Elaborate Claims of Skills and Experience that don't Check Out, Poor or Tortured English, and Junk Marketing.

Author Scams and Publishing Companies to Avoid by Reedsy Blog - What every Author should Know and Beware of! Article content includes information on Vanity Presses, Infographic: Traditional Publishers vs Vanity Presses, Hybrid Publishers, Agent Scams, Self-Publishing Companies to Avoid, Writing Contests and Awards, and What's the Best Way for an Author to Stay Safe?

Authors Beware: New Writing Scams Landing in your Inbox - 6 New Writing Scams to Watch Out for by Anne R. Allen's Blog ... With Ruth Harris - Article content includes information on Pricey Radio Interviews, Dodgy Book Trailers, Fake Freelance Content Mills, "Brake into Hollywood" Writing Scams, Outrageously Cheap Editing, Vanity Publishers Posing as Hybrid Presses or Publishing Service Providers, Don't Offer Yourself up as Prey.

Authors: Warning Signs that Your Being Scammed by Contributor Penny C. Sansevieri for HuffPost - Article contents include questions we all need to ask like What Recourse Do Authors Have? Customized Marketing Plan, Getting Shot From A Cannon Never Works, Wishing Thinking, Cost to Publish, Ask Better Questions, Book to Movie, Flashy/Splashy Programs, Strange Incentives, and a List of Reputable Industry Voices.

Creative Jobs for English Majors - Bachelor's in English by Maryville University - Courses on How-To become a Legal Editor, How to become a Social Media Copywriter, How to Become a Writer, How to Become an Author, and How-To become an Investigative Reporter. Online BA English Curriculum for anyone around the Country. Wanting to know What is an English Major? This is where you find the answer. Here are answers to other questions you may have - What industries are hiring graduates with English Degrees? What are some popular careers for English Majors? Discover what you can do with an English Degree.

Ebook Distribution: The Complete Guide for New Authors by Reedsyblog - This Guide covers Everything you Need to Know and Where to Distribute your Ebook.

How to Format Picture Books for Kindle and ePub3 by Darcy Pattison for Fiction Notes - This article lets you know the biggest problem: Amazon's Download Fees, Second Problem: Keeping the Children's Picture Book Fixed Format eBook High Quality, next Kindle Software and Kindle General Rules, finally how to Format Picture Books for Kindle in the Fixed Format, and lastly you learn How-To Format Picture Books for ePub3 in the Fixed Format eBook Kobo, Apple, Google Play, and all the other Distributors.

MailChimp vs Constant Contact - Which is Better? by Paul Jarvis - This article shows the difference between MailChimp and Constant Contact in black and white. See the difference before making your decision with which email service you want. You will learn lots.

New Authors Beware of Scam Publishing and Literary Agents by Derek Haines for Just Publishing Advice - Article includes information about Unsolicited Invitation to Submit your Manuscript, Offers to Help you get Published, Marketeers and Racketeers, I'm a Publisher, I Can do Everything, Make Informed Choices, Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing, What to Expect to Pay for Reputable Services, Vanity Publishing, Vanity Publishers are not Interested in Selling your Book to Readers, and Helpful Links for New Authors.

Self Publishing vs Publishing House: Look at the Numbers by Hamilton Hill - Article gives you a realistic view about publishing a book. Hamilton goes into a deep view of the financial numbers involved. Every author needs to know this right upfront. Great article.

10 Career Mistakes Writers Must Avoid by Bookfox - The Article starts with Thinking your Smart, Repressing your Emotions, Being Idealistic, Writing for Writers Instead of Readers, Reading Only Good Books, Being a Lone Wolf, Lacking a Mentor, Being Impatient, Being the Hare Rather than the Turtle, Sticking with the Same Genre. They offer Online Courses in How to Write a Sentence, Your First Bestseller, Two Weeks to your Best Children's Book, The Triangle Method of Character Creation, and they also offer Editing Services. The Advice every Author should Follow.

Ultimate Guide to Being a Freelancer by Bethenny Carl for Website Planet - Included in the article is Your Cheat Sheet to Becoming a Successful Freelancer, What's Happening in the Freelance World? Why it's Awesome to be a Freelancer, The Dark Side of Freelancing, What Freelancing Skills are the Most In-Demand? How Much Can I Earn as a Freelancer? and how to Avoid These New Freelancer Traps.

The Ultimate List of the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags on the Planet - 25 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags by Influencer Marketing Hub - There is a FREE tool to check the popularity of any Instagram Hashtag, Article describes The Purpose of Using Instagram Hashtags, gives you a list of the 25 Most Popular Instagram Hashtags, then explains in detail, Don't Always Use the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags, gives you the Trending Hashtags, and explains to you how You Can Now Follow Hashtags.

Writing Careers: The Business Behind Becoming an Author by ZenBusiness - Article includes information about authors Education - Skills, College Degrees for Writers, Career Options; Self-Publishing - Choosing the Right Self-Publishing Company, What to be Wary of; Approaching a Publisher - How to get an Agent, Book Proposals, and Editing your Book with an Editor.

Writing for Theater and Film by Carina for TheatreSeatStore Blog - This article has great information for writers who want to get involved with theater or film. You will find information about Writing Scripts for Theater and Writing Screenplays for Film here.

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