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The Official Bio

Ramona Morrow is a cree-metis poet, writer, and a Canadian children's book author who writes children's fiction books. Ramona's first children's book is Jamie's Pet, winner of the 2019 Fall NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for Best Book in the category of Children's Interest.

Ramona, born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, the oldest of three children. She has spent the first 9 years of her school career in the Catholic School system and spent the last three years in the Public-School system.

Ramona married and divorced in her late 20's. She has been divorced since 1987. She was a single-parent and is a proud mother of one grown child named Jamie, whom this book was named after. Ramona has two grown step-children named Shayne and Christopher from Jamie's father's first marriage. Ramona never married Jamie's father so divorce wasn't an issue. Jamie was 5 years old when the relationship ended. "There were tough times but we got through it," Ramona said.

When Ramona was 7 years old her parents moved to Saskatchewan, where she was raised until 1999. She lived in various towns and cities throughout Manitoba and Saskatchewan. Ramona graduated in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan on June 1980. In 1999, she moved back to Winnipeg, Manitoba to work in the transportation industry then she became a security guard in 2013. Ramona had worked at numerous jobs throughout her life. She was a waitress, car hop, prep cook, retail clerk, sales clerk, temporary-to-hire office clerk, baker's assistant, class 1 truck driver, class 5 driving instructor, school bus driver, special needs bus driver, and greyhound bus driver. "I still remember my very first job as a car hop with A & W in Yorkton, Saskatchewan," she recalls now. "I loved that job and I still love the burgers and root beer. Mostly I enjoyed meeting new people."

When Ramona was younger, she was involved with sports, like indoor and outdoor track & field, figure skating, and girl's hockey. "I was a very fast runner in my younger years," she says now. Ramona enjoys participating in non-contact sports and she loves watching all kinds of sports on TV.

Her favorite CFL football team is Saskatchewan Roughriders then Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Ramona has been a Boston Bruins hockey fan since she was 12 years old and because Ramona lives in Winnipeg her second NHL hockey team is the Winnipeg Jets. As for baseball, her team is the Boston Red Sox.

Back in the 80's Ramona's favorite male band was New Kids on the Block and was in love with Danny Wood. Pictures of him everywhere in her bedroom. Also, her favorite duo singers in the 80's were Donny and Marie Osmond. Her favorite male actors are Keifer Sutherland and George Clooney. Her favorite female singers are Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Cher, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood.

Ramona loves writing poetry and short stories, listening to music, watching movies, go for walks, baking cakes, cookies, and pies, etc. Ramona enjoys making home-cooked meals and is a self-taught chocolatier.

Ramona loves to read autobiographies like Michelle Obama, Shania Twain, Tina Turner, Anderson Cooper, and Gloria Vanderbilt for example. She also reads cookbooks and cake decorating books as if they were novels.

Starting in the late nineties, Ramona had her poetry published in ten different poetry book publications. She began writing her first children's book, starting with this one, Jamie's Pet, published on January 07, 2019. The book was inspired from Jamie and Ramona's visit with the pet store when they were trying to see which pet would be good for Jamie to have as his first pet. Throughout Jamie's childhood he has had dogs, cats, love birds, gerbils, and various fish, shrimp, turtles as pets. "Our household was very active."

Jamie’s Pet being Ramona’s first children's book was written for children between the ages of 6 months or younger to 12 years old. The book has bold, colorful pictures that are educational, entertaining, and is fun to read. Ramona is now working on her second children's book.

jamie's pet received the


Best Book in the Category of Children’s Interest



Ramona Morrow's ACCOLADES

These accolades have been bestowed upon Ramona Morrow throughout the years for her creativity and talent in the Poetry, Song writing and Book Publication fields. Ramona Morrow has received praise, public approval, awards and honors since 1989 beginning with the debut publication of her champagne cocktail recipe book titled, 'Champagne Fantasies' that sent her career and imagination soaring to new heights.

2020   Jamie's Pet given as a gift to William and Jane children of Jimmy and Molly Kimmel

2019   Jamie's Pet children's book received the NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner Fall 2019  for the Best Book in the Category of Children’s Interest

2019   Jamie's Pet given as a gift to Stormi Webster daughter of Kylie Jenner

2019   Jamie's Pet given as a gift to Archie Mountbatten-Windsor, the son of TRH The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan

2019   Launched Ramona Morrow Books Website

2019   Jamie's Pet children's book published by Page Publishing

2017   Poem, 'Farewell to Thee' about the death of Princess Diana. Poem sent to and Ramona Morrow has received a response from:

     TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, William and Catherine

     HRH Prince Henry of Wales

2017   Launched  Jewelry Website - No Longer in Business - CLOSED

2017   Independent Style Consultant – Magnolia and Vine (closed December 31, 2019)

2012   VIP of the Year by Worldwide Who’s Who

2012   Worldwide Who’s Who Member

1998   Poem, 'Farewell to Thee' about the death of Princess Diana. Poem sent to and Ramona Morrow has received a response from:

     Buckingham Palace Letterhead from Queen Elizabeth

     Poem resides on Diana’s resting place

     Althorp Letterhead from Earl Spencer (Diana’s brother)

     From the Office of the Duchess of York Letterhead from Sara Ferguson

1997   Certificate of Merit in Recognition of the Outstanding Lyric Writing Ability

1997   New Member with the National Authors Registry and met the Standards of Publication by Iliad Press

1997   Member in Good Standing of the International Association of Active Poets – The Poets Guild

1997   Distinguished Member with Top Records Songwriters

1995 – 1998   Member in Good Standing with the International Society of Poets

1989   Champagne Fantasies Cocktail Book published by Vantage Press 


Ramona Morrow started writing poetry when she was in high school. She would write down her thoughts on scrap paper or napkins. Ramona would later transfer those thoughts into a journal. Back in the 1970's it was a lined notebook. Ramona kept everything she wrote, even if it was just one line or stanza. She thought, "you never know when that line or stanza would come in handy for a future poem." In 1995, Ramona came across a poetry contest by The National Library of Poetry. Ramona figured, "why not" and entered a poem. The poem she submitted was 'Jamie My Dear', this poem started her writing career. Ramona never thought her poem would be considered good enough to be published in a poetry book. Ramona thought the original poem would arrive back with corrections, suggestions, or some sort of advice scribbled all over the page. She just wanted to see if her poetry was any good. Couple of months later 'Jamie My Dear' was published in a poetry book, Sparkles in the Sand. Ramona received a wooden plaque with her poem engraved on it. A plaque she has kept to this day.

1998         Sweet Heart 98 by Poetry Unlimited, Poem, 'Love Is Like A Rose'

1998         Love Poems by Poetry Press – Poem, 'Love Is Like A Rose'

1998         Visions by JMW Publishing Co – Poem, 'Love Is Like A Rose'

1998         Treasures by Iliad Press – Poem, 'Jamie My Dear'

1998         Poetic Voices of America Spring 1998 by Sparrowgrass Poetry Forum, Inc – Poem, 'Jamie My Dear'

1997         American Poetry Annual by The Amherst Society – Poem, 'Timed Has Passed'

1997         Best New Poems by Poets’ Guild – Poem, 'Timed Has Passed'

1997         Dreams of the Soul by The Poetry Guild – Poem, 'Jamie My Dear'

1996         Best Poems of the ‘90s by The National Library of Poetry – Poem, 'Love Is Like A Rose'

1995         Sparkles in the Sand by The National Library of Poetry – Poem, 'Jamie My Dear

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