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I hope you enjoy this website. Ramona Morrow Books is where you will find everything you need to know about Jamie's Pet. Kids don't forget Jamie's Pet children's book is also available as an audiobook, eBook, and paperback book. More information about Jamie's Pet can be found on the following pages:

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2020 December Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Received Certificate of Excellence in Literature
Honorable Mention for Animals/Pets


Jamie's Pet Canada Book Awards Winner August 2020

2020 August Canada Book Award Winner


2019 Fall NABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner

Best Book in Category of Children’s Interest


Jamie's Pet children's book, about a normal five-year-old little boy who would like a pet. Jamie does not know what kind of pet he wants. Jamie and his mother venture down to the nearest pet store in their neighborhood. When they arrived at the pet store, Jamie notices that there are tons of different animals available. Jamie realizes this is going to be a real tough decision. Jamie walks around the pet store looking and/or touching all the different animals to figure out which animal he likes. Jamie holds a small animal and falls in love. This charming pet store animal book is perfect for kids who have never been inside of a pet store but want to know what one looks like. Jamie's Pet is a journey through a pet store as Jamie visits with each of the animals until he finds his perfect pet, his perfect friend.

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Personal Note from Ramona

I would like to personally thank my visitors who have bought a copy or who plan on buying a copy of Jamie's Pet children's paperback animal book, eBook, or audiobook from the online businesses I have listed on my website or from your favorite brick and mortar book store.

Thank you to my visitors, customers, and fans. Your complete and total support means so much to me. And for putting your faith and trust in me with your kid's reading material. I hope you and your child or children will really enjoy reading Jamie's Pet. I really took pleasure in writing my first book, "I am elated with the end result of my first children's book."

My second children's book is now being written with lots of enthusiasm behind it. Please leave a customer review on the website from where you purchased your copy of the book. "Thank you again and Happy Reading Everyone!"

Olivia Ouskan Purchased Jamie's Pet Children's Book

Jamie's Pet Children's Book Customer Review - ‘What a sweet book. Perfect gift for kids who want a pet but are not sure what type to get. This book will definitely help with their indecision. I bought this book for my nephew; Rylan and I can’t wait to give it to him. I know he will enjoy this children’s dog book very much.’  Olivia O. – Gillam, MB, Canada 2020

Austin Grenier Bought Jamie's Pet Children's Book

Jamie's Pet Children's Book Customer Review - ‘I bought Jamie’s Pet for my little brother, Kane so I can read the book to him as a bedtime story. Great children's paperback animal book. Large words on every page and pretty illustrations with great bold colors. I highly recommend this book.’  Austin G. – Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2020

Listen to Jamie's Pet Children's Audiobook Free Sample

Narrated by Jessica Duncan

You can hear a FREE sample of Jamie's Pet children's storybook narrated by Jessica Duncan down below. You can listen to a one-minute FREE sample of the audiobook before you purchase it online. If you like the sample children's story you can buy the full audiobook at any online audible stores listed on Jamie's Pet Children's Audiobook Page or 'Click on the Button' below to take you to the audiobook page. Audiobooks make fantastic bedtime stories for kids. You will find your child happily listening to the bedtime story and before they know it your child quietly drifts asleep. Hope you enjoy listening to Jamie's Pet!

JAIMIES_PET_1_Minute_ (1).mp3

Amazon Customer Book Review from Lexigirl

Amazon Customer Book Review for Jamie's Pet Children's Book - "Great introduction to your child's first pet store visit. Jamie and his mom go shopping for a pet. They find talking parrots, gerbils, kittens, and so many more. What did he pick? Well, you must read the book to find that out! Great read and love the vivid colored illustrations."  Lexigirl April 28, 2020

Amazon Customer Book Review from Miss Tina

Amazon Customer Book Review for Jamie's Pet Children's Book - "Great Story! I really enjoyed your book and artwork. I shared your book with my grandchildren. This is such a great story!"  Miss Tina April 24, 2020

Your Customer Review can go here when you purchase Jamie's Pet Children's Book and leave a Customer Review on Amazon or wherever you purchase your book. Just let Ramona know by email or use the contact form below.

Jamie's Pet, an original children's pet store animal picture book can be found online at many participating stores. Considered to be an educational, entertaining, and fun-to-read children's book for both parents and kids. Jamie's Pet is one of the best beautifully illustrated children's storybooks sold online. You will find this pet store animal book to be kid-friendly with content that is easy to read. This children's book has a subtle moral story in the last paragraph for kids of all ages to learn about being responsible when you are the owner of a pet. Parents will like the book too! Jamie's Pet is a superb kid's picture book guaranteed your child will ask to read repeatedly.

Jamie's Pet children's book was specifically written for babies, toddlers, and children up to the age of twelve-years-old. Reading to your children when they are babies or toddlers prepares them for preschool. By the time, they are a preteen your child already enjoys reading. Reading helps increase your child's vocabulary; therefore, they will enjoy school and learning becomes much easier and pleasurable for them. Jamie's Pet has some big words like "commented," "aquarium," and "cowabunga" within the storyline but that is okay, young kids can learn big words too! Jamie did.

Jamie's Pet children's book is a lovely short story for families to include during their family activities night. Friends, neighbors, uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents can also enjoy reading Jamie's Pet as a nice children's storybook or include as a sweet children's bedtime story. Show your child that you enjoy reading or better yet, give yourself the night off and let your child read to you. Listen how your child sounds out the words when they are reading. And gently correct them when they are wrong. Encourage your child that children's literature should be incorporated into their daily routine as a fun learning activity as part of their young lives. Children's bedtime stories for kids to read at bedtime is an excellent place for your child to begin reading. When you read to your child, the sound of your voice relaxes him or her making it easier for them to fall asleep.

Invest in a child's future, give them a book. Look no further! Jamie's Pet children's book makes the perfect book to give a child as a reading gift. You can gift this lovely children's book to your child or to a child you know for their birthday, Christmas, or any other special occasion they may have. Start your child's reading habits early by gifting them this fun and interesting children's book to read as a paperback book or eBook. Jamie's Pet is also available for your child to listen as an audible storybook. A good book is worth its value and will last a long time in your child's physical or virtual library that could be kept forever. Ramona still has her first book that she read as a child, "Curious George."

This precious children's book is perfect for babysitters, daycare centers, preschools, homeschools, teachers, elementary schools, libraries, bookstores, and pet stores or any other adult who cares for children. Jamie's Pet children's book is considered a cute children's book for kids. This kid's book is great for storytelling time at school or home and will keep children busy for hours teaching them about each animal Jamie encounters in the pet store. Just remember, this wonderful children's book could turn your child into a book lover, an animal lover, or eventually a veterinarian, or forest ranger. Never too early to prepare children for what they want to be when they grow up.

Jamie's Pet children's book is a great English story for adults or kids who are new to our country. This children's book is a good addition to use as a teaching tool for all Adult/Child Literacy Reading Programs in the country. Easy to read children's book for immigrants wanting to learn how to speak or write English. Doesn't matter where you are in the world, if you chose, you could read English-printed children's books for adults and kids online too! With, Jamie's Pet children's book now accessible to you in audiobook, eBook, and paperback book formats in whichever version you prefer as your personal teaching tool. You can now read on the go!

Jamie's Pet won it's first children's book award, Fall 2019 Pinnacle Book Achievement Award for the Best Book in the Category of Children's Interest. The second book award came in August 2020 Canada Book Awards Winner. Ramona is very proud and honored to receive the awards for her children's book. Ramona jokingly replies, "It's validation that at least someone likes the book." Best children's paperback book for kids between the age of one-years-old to twelve-years-old to read.

Kids Review Page Coming Soon:

For kids 19-years-old and younger. Your comments about Jamie's Pet children's book are welcomed. When enough comments are provided a special page will be dedicated to the kids' comments. For now, use the Comment Form below.

Email your picture holding a copy of Jamie's Pet children's book to with the following information: your first and last name (last name initial will be used only), age, city, province/state, and country with the comment (good or bad) you would like to say about the book for the Kids' Review Page. I will email you, let you know your comment has been posted, and where to find your comment.

Customer Book reviews

'This is such a wonderful book to read as a bedtime story. The information about the animals in the pet store is very thorough and in such a child-friendly way! I just love how Jamie and his mother explore the pet store. Ideal children's book about dogs. My kids really enjoy this book.'

Harley N.

Gillam, MB, Canada 2019

'This is a good pet store animal book for little ones. It has bright illustrations and the artwork is amazing. Lots of different animals, cute little story. Moral of the story has a good message to it. Jamie learns he has to take care of his pet. My grandson L-O-V-E-S this book. Such a great story. It's was a great purchase.'

Don M.

Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2019

'I read it all and it's SO adorable that I wouldn't mind keeping it for myself. I really, really, really liked the book. Jamie's Pet was funny, educational, and is filled with tons of action words. Very descriptive with simple words for kids to learn about the animals in a pet store. Love the color of the book. Deep bold colors. My boys enjoyed the book and can't put it down. It is one of their favorite books.'

Mary C.

Wabowden, MB, Canada 2019

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