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Wonderful Children's Christmas Books

November 15, 2020 by Ramona Morrow

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. Everything about Christmas is special with a magical and wonderous feeling. I love the spirit of Christmas, movies, music, lights, decorations, get-togethers, parties, presents, Santa, and yes, the food. For me, Christmas has always been the best time.

Call me crazy, but I start decorating for Christmas on November 01 and keep the decorations and tree up until Ukrainian Christmas is over around January 21. I figure when you go to all the trouble trimming the tree and putting up decorations making the house look oh, so beautiful, smelling wonderful, and having a warm and cozy feeling; why take them down before you have to.

Jamie and I started our own family Christmas tradition. At the end of November, Jamie and I would go to the local bookstore to get new children's Christmas books we haven't read before. If they were on sale I would buy lots, up to twelve or more books to last until Christmas. On December 01, I would surprise Jamie with his Advent calendar. Every day he was to open the door to that corresponding date. If the day was December 12, Jamie opened up the twelfth door on his calendar retrieving a small treat for that day. Just before Jamie went to bed, he picked out a Christmas book he wanted me to read him. We did this every day until Christmas Eve. After Christmas was over Jamie had to pick three books to keep and the rest we gave away so other boys and girls less fortunate than us could have these books for their next Christmas to read. 

These wonderful children's Christmas books below will make your kids grow more excited as Christmas draws near. During the festive season make your storytime special with any one of these children's books. All of the children's Christmas books are truly timeless and will be enjoyed year after year making your kid's Christmases much more memorable. Parents and children will be delighted with these Christmas books added to your family holiday traditions.

With this collection of wonderful children's Christmas books, you will find we have included best selling Christmas books, just released Christmas books, older Christmas books, and even timeless classical Christmas books. Which one will be your child's favorite Christmas book? Every family have their own classic children's Christmas books they read each year. This is the year to add a new one to your family holiday book collection.

What was your favorite children's Christmas book when you were a child? Why was it your favorite children's Christmas book? What time of day did you read your favorite children's Christmas book? Did you read a Christmas book days before Christmas, Christmas Eve night, or Christmas Day? What is your child's favorite Christmas books(s)?

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Jamie and Gizmo Series
Jamie's Pet

Author Ramona Morrow

Narrator Jessica Duncan

2020 December Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Honorable Mention for Animals/Pets

2019 Fall Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner

Best Book in Category of Children's Interest

Jamie, a little boy who wants a pet. He didn't know what type of animal he would like. Jamie and his mother go visit a pet store. What type of pets did Jamie see? What pet did Jamie pick? To find out, you have to read Jamie's Pet. Great illustrations. Lots of animals in the short story. Kids will love this children's book.

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Ramona read Clifford, the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell and Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Rey in the third grade and was bitten by the book bug. She has loved books ever since. Ramona blogs and writes poetry, short stories, she reads, listens to music, and loves to cook as a form of relaxation, "Cooking relaxes me. I love to create meals from scratch."

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Mr Claws Deck The Halls

Author Lindsey Luckey

Illustrator Toska

Mr Claws is a Christmas tale about a mouse who forgot the true meaning of Christmas and only thinks about himself. Mr Claws loves to collect Christmas decorations that really don't belong to him. Does he take his collecting too far? One night, Mr Claws heard the children crying because he took all of their Christmas things. He immediately felt bad for them. Throughout the night Mr Claws worked as fast as he could until he returned everything he took. What lesson did Mr Claws learn? Read Mr Claws Deck The Halls to find out more. The illustrations are vibrant Christmas colours. I highly recommend this book.

A Christmas For Toys

Author Taylor Faith Krigsman

A Christmas For Toys is an unique twist from the toys' point of view of how they feel on Christmas Eve. That is a question nobody thought to ask except for Taylor. A Christmas short story that stands out on its own. An adorable story for all young and old. Intriguing and interesting illustrations. This story is worth reading to find out exactly how do toys feel on Christmas Eve?

Kristopher Klaws: The Spirit Of Christmas

Author Marcia Ashford

Illustrator Patrick Carlson

Kristopher Klaws: The Spirit Of Christmas is a very cute children's Christmas story book. Kristopher is asking everyone he can where they think the spirit of Christmas is. Can you help Kristopher find the spirit of Christmas? Where do you think Kristopher should look next? Read more to find out if Kristopher found the spirit of Christmas. Beautiful illustrations! Adorable children's story. A very good book for everyone!

Our Special Christmas Tree

Author Tina Biby

Our Special Christmas Tree is a beautiful family tradition shared with readers. Follow the family as they search for their special Christmas tree. Join them as they decorate their Christmas tree. Come along and share in the family's Christmas traditions. A beautiful tribute to Christmas traditions! A very special treasure for families to read during the holiday season. The illustrations are colorful.

Jogger's Adventures Series
Christmas With Jogger

Author Mary Griffith Chalupsky

Illustrator Sharon Johnson

Christmas With Jogger is a lovely children's story that rhymes. Jogger loves being involved with different Christmas activities. Jogger's kind heart wants to help a family in need when it comes to their Christmas presents. This book relays the message about the true meaning of Christmas. The spirit of Christmas is felt throughout the story. Bright and colourful illustrations. Highly recommended!

The Christmas Show

Author Rebecca Patterson

Do you remember your Christmas Nativity play when you were younger? And how did that go? Were you perfect? I bet you weren't. Just like the little boy in The Christmas Show. Find out what went wrong during his Christmas play. An entertaining holiday children's story. Very colourful illustrations. A surprise ending. Find out more!

Biscuit's Christmas Eve

Author Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Illustrator Pat Schories

Biscuit's Christmas Eve is a perfect read for Christmas. This early reader children's book is easy to understand for young kids. Everybody's favorite dog, Biscuit gets to enjoy his first Christmas. Biscuit and the little girl decorate their house on Christmas Eve. Join them to see how they decorated. Sweet children's story. Enjoyable for all children.

Santa's Reindeer

Author Brooke Stevens

Want to learn about Santa's Reindeer unique personalities? You have to travel to the North Pole. This is where the magic happens. Santa's reindeer come together to share their passion for Christmas with all the children around the world. Read a poem about each famous reindeer. Adorable illustrations matching this delightful Christmas story. Children will be entertained!

Charlie Series
Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Author Ree Drummond

Narrator Ree Drummond

Illustrator Diane deGroat

Charlie And The Christmas Kitty is a wonderful story about a funny and loveable ranch Bassett hound. Charlie receives an unexpected surprise. He is not sure what to make of this little kitty. Charlie tries to ignore the kitty. But kitty won't leave him alone. Keep reading to see if Charlie and kitty start getting along? The illustrations are very colourful with tons of detail. At the back of the book, you will find a Christmas cookie recipe for the entire family to enjoy.

Silver The Snow Fairy Series
The Christmas Window

Author Jessie L. Best

Editor Goran Around86

Illustrator Petro Gurido

The Christmas Window is a charming beloved fairy tale. What fairy tale isn't complete without fairies, elves, trolls, a unicorn, and a magical bell. Silver the snow fairy's magical bell is stolen. While Silver is looking for her magical bell she comes across a little girl, Sabrina who believes her father is lost forever. Both of them begin searching for Sabrina's father. Do they find Sabrina's father? Does Silver the snow fairy find her magical bell? Join in the search with this heartwarming Christmas fairy. Elegant illustrations. A joy to read during the Christmas season.

A Promise That Started Christmas Trees

Author J.Y. Quinn

A Promise That Started Christmas Trees is a lovely Christmas short story about celebration with family and friends near or far. This cherished story will surely bring a smile and warm your heart. The reader is encouraged to write their own cherished family moments and future wishes on the extra pages at the back of the book. Decorative illustrations. A beautiful journal keepsake for every family.

Olive, The Other Reindeer

Author Vivian Walsh

Illustrator J. Otto Seibold

Olive, The Other Reindeer is a cute children's Christmas story about a dog who believes he is a reindeer. Olive believes it is her destiny to help Santa. How does Olive help Santa? Can Olive Really help Santa? Experience more of Olive's adventures while reading this delightful children's story as a family. Sure, to become a family favorite. Simple but lovely illustrations. Great Christmas Book.

The Night I Rode With Santa

Author Lowell Briscoe

The Night I Rode With Santa is an unique and completely different children's Christmas book with an unexpected twist. This is where you can make the story your own. Every family can now experience what it is like to ride with Santa. A refreshing look to a family reading tradition. Pastel-looking with warm undertone illustrations. Highly recommended!

UnicornPreneur Series: Book 7
Arial, The Secret Santa

Author Mary Nhin

Illustrator Jelena Stupar

Arial, The Secret Santa is one of the best books to help teach your child how to share kindness during the Christmas season. How does Ariel bring kindness to others throughout the holiday season? This special little treasure will teach your child how to download a free printable and to make Christmas ornaments. Children can journal their own gifts of kindness. A great keepsake for your child. This children's story has a wonderful message.

Santa The Christmas Miracle

Author Bivi Ariel

Editor Louise Stuart

Illustrator Mina Anguelova

Santa The Christmas Miracle is a heartfelt children's Christmas story about compassion, love, and especially kindness. Adam, a homeless man came across an injured cat lying on the side of the road. Adam knew the cat was badly injured and needed help. Can you guess what name Adam gave the cat? How did Adam help the cat? You have to read more to find out! This true story will show children to respect stray animals. Stray animals need love too!. Beautiful illustrations. A moral lesson for the whole family to learn.

River Rose And The Magical Christmas

Author Kelly Clarkson

Illustrator Lucy Fleming

River Rose and the Magical Christmas is a wonderful children's Christmas story to be read on Christmas Eve night with your child. River Rose is an adorable little girl who wrote a letter to Santa. But there is one little twist River Rose and her dog, Joplin want to personally give their letter to Santa. Is River Rose and Joplin successful in delivering their letter to Santa? Is River Rose able to stay up for Santa? Read more to find out where River Rose and Joplin's adventure take them? A perfectly written story that captures the spirit of Christmas. Beautiful illustrations. You will find a link at the back of the book where you can listen to Kelly Clarkson's Christmas song.

Santa's Tale Of Frosty And Peter Cottontail

Author Uncle Elton and Laikyn B. Walters

Santa's Tale Of Frosty And Peter Cottontail is a different type of children's Christmas book. The twist with this children's book is that Santa Claus and Peter Cottontail have come to an understanding about working together. They will keep an eye on all the children reporting to each other who's naughty and which children have good behavior. With eyes all year long on the children and the children know they are being watched will they be good? This children's fable has a new perspective on the importance of good behavior for your children to learn. Parents will love this story.

All I Want For Christmas Is You

Author Mariah Carey

Illustrator Colleen Madden

All I Want For Christmas Is You, based on the song Mariah Carey sang and became everybody's favorite holiday tune. The story was adapted from the song, therefore, becoming a sing-along book for the song. Super cute and fun illustrations. This is a fantastic way to introduce Mariah Carey's music to your kids. A great musical teaching tool for parents and children.

Sailor's Christmas Sweater

Author Cyrena Snows and Rachel Snows

Illustrator Anastasia Yatsunenko

Sailor's Christmas Sweater is the perfect early reader to start your child reading during the holiday season. This story has three unlikely buddies who quickly become friends. Two are lost in a blizzard and the other will help them find their way home. Join them on their adventure. How do they get home? Who helps them get home? Beautiful illustrations filled with all the colors of Christmas. This children's story will quickly become your child's favorite Christmas story to be read year after year.

Merry Christmas To You, Blue Kangaroo!

Author Emma Chichester Clark

Merry Christmas To You, Blue Kangaroo! is a charming children's Christmas story about the friendship between a little girl, Lily and her toy Blue Kangaroo. This story is based on Christmas Eve, Lily has decorated her house, made homemade cards for everyone she knows and placed all the Christmas presents underneath the tree. Blue Kangaroo realizes Lily has a Christmas present for him but he does not have one for her. Read more to find out what Blue Kangaroo's Christmas present is for Lily? Who helps Blue Kangaroo get a Christmas present for Lily? Great looking illustrations. A heart-warming Christmas story for the entire family!

Father Cat's Christmas Tree

Author Richard Scarry

Father Cat's Christmas Tree is an unique children's Christmas Tale. This holiday story is unusual because it can fit in at any time in the year. Father Cat tells the story of his past. Read the story to find out more. The illustrations have a lot going on so don't let that discourage you. You will end up loving this children's book.

All Alone At Christmas

Author Justine Smith

All Alone At Christmas is a sweet children's Christmas story about missing someone during the holidays. Katie, a little girl has gone to visit relatives. Milo, a little puppy is left at home. Soon it will be Christmas day and Milo is wondering if he is going to spend Christmas all lone. Will Katie and her family come back for Christmas? Does Milo spend Christmas all alone? You have to read more to find out. Cute illustrations. A charming book for the festive season.

Clifford's Christmas

Author Norman Bridwell

Clifford's Christmas is everybody's favorite children's Christmas story. This is the first Christmas for Emily Elizabeth and Clifford. Does Clifford help save Hanukkah? Parents will find stickers at the back of the book for your child. Love the illustrations. A classic children's book.

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