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Jamie's Pet Children's Book Trailer


Welcome to Ramona Morrow Books to learn more about Jamie's Pet Children's Book YouTube Trailer. This page is where you can watch Jamie's Pet Children's Book YouTube Trailer and you can check out Ramona Morrow's YouTube Channel. I hope you enjoy the short children's book trailer. It is here for you and your child to enjoy!

2020 December Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Received Certificate of Excellence in Literature
Honorable Mention for Animals/Pets


Jamie's Pet Canada Book Awards Winner August 2020

2020 August Canada Book Award Winner



Best Book in the Category of Children’s Interest


Looking for a good children's book to read. Well, Jamie's Pet children's book was created into an Official Children's Picture Book YouTube Trailer. This children's book trailer can also be found on Page Publishing's YouTube Channel and Ramona Morrow's YouTube Channel. The children's book YouTube trailer is suitable for adolescent children to watch, therefore, can be shown to homeschool, preschool, kindergarten, or elementary school children. A must-see children's book trailer for you to share with your kids and everybody you know.

This children's book trailer was a fantastic way to bring Jamie's Pet children's book to life. A children's book trailer says a million, billion, or trillion words. Admirers can glimpse at pages of the book set to music that is suitable for fans of all ages. So, go head, take some time out of your busy day, sit back, relax, and watch the colourful children's picture book trailer. The children's book trailer is 40 seconds long and gives you a sneak peek inside the book. By watching the official children's book YouTube trailer, can aid in your decision, if this is the best book for your child. Jamie's Pet, so far, has received two book awards and Ramona is proud to say with confidence, "Your child will love Jamie's Pet. The children's book will become your child's new favorite book."

Jamie's Pet is a children's book about animals that can be any child's forever pet. The children's story is situated in a pet store. This content is well-suited as an interesting subject for your child to learn about. Jamie's Pet has a good moral story for children. After watching the book trailer hopefully, you will say, "hey, this book should be a movie!" Video marketing has become extremely popular so you should be able to find other book videos and trailers that your child likes too. When you are finished watching Jamie's Pet children's picture book YouTube trailer don't forget to Like, Comment, Share, Save, or Subscribe with the appropriate buttons to Ramona's YouTube Channel.

For independent authors or indie authors wanting their book made into a book trailer this is a fantastic tool for getting the word out about your new book. For authors, marketers, and publishers these book trailer videos are a fantastic way to boost your book sales revenue. Something you should consider when the time comes to market and promote your book.

Amateur book videos and professional book trailers are posted every single minute everyday and seen on YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram by billions of viewers. If you are interested in making your own book trailer, make sure you investigate a majority of the book trailer services out there. You want your book trailer to engage your viewer and inform them what your book is all about. You will find that some book trailer services offer FREE trials. Some offer professional services or do-it-yourself services. This depends on your knowledge and comfort zone with the subject matter, programming, and digital equipment. If kids can learn how to make a book trailer or book video, so can you. If you pursue the do-it-yourself, I wish you good luck.

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October 27, 2020 - Ramona Morrow features a new trailer for Jamie's Pet Children's Book. Great for kids ages 2 to 10-years-old. Order Today on Amazon! 

Trailer by OSM Productions

Ryan Frost Takes A Picture Holding Jamie's Pet Children's Book

Jamie's Pet Children's Book Customer Review - 'I can't wait to read Jamie's Pet to my daughter! I read the book and found it to be very interesting with tons of action words and a positive moral lesson. This book will be a keeper on our bookshelf for yours to come! Great book gift for my daughter.' Ryan F. - Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2020

GaganDeep Bawa Has a Signed Copy Of Jamie's Pet Children's Book

Jamie's Pet Children's Book Customer Review - 'I am extremely selective when it comes to my daughters' reading material and this children's book stays on her bookshelf. Excellent book for young children! I am reading this book to her as a bedtime story. I am impressed by this picture book. Well done, Ramona!' GaganDeep B. - Winnipeg, MB, Canada 2020



The Official Jamie's Pet Children's Book YouTube Trailer

Published on February 20, 2019

Synopsis: Jamie's Pet, a children's book, is about a little boy who wants a pet. He is not sure what kind of pet to get. Jamie and his mother make a trip to the pet store. At the pet store, Jamie discovers all types of pets available. Jamie finds that he must make a tough decision about which pet to get. Jamie walks throughout the pet store looking at all sorts of different pets. Jamie holds a pet and knows instantly that this is the kind of pets he wants. Jamie finds his perfect pet, his perfect friend.

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Watch the Official Jamie's Pet Children's Book YouTube Trailer showing clips, so you know what to expect inside of this children's book. In this children's video trailer, you get a short introduction to Jamie and his mother as they visit the pet store looking for a suitable pet for Jamie. Jamie's Pet is the best way to visit a pet store if you are not able to do so. Jamie's Pet is available for purchase as an audiobook, eBook, or paperback book.

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Jamie's Pet Children's Book Reading by Ramona Morrow on Read with Carylee Show YouTube Channel debut on October 31, 2020. Ramona Morrow Books features a book reading of Jamie's Pet by the author herself, Ramona Morrow. Ramona was invited by Carylee of Read with Carylee Show to read her first children's book, Jamie's Pet. This is a FREE children's book read aloud. Let's all support, Ramona!

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Jamie's Pet can be purchased here from Amazon.

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