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Barcode Companies with retail barcodes

Thank you for visiting Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas to learn more about Barcode Companies with Retail Barcodes. You will find a list of the Top 5+ Best Barcode Companies that have reasonable prices for barcodes and retail barcodes. I hope this page will make your choice in barcode services easier for you because you can research the services and prices all in one place.

Top Four Best Barcode Companies List

Each barcode company below will have either all of these barcodes or some of these barcodes EAN, GTINs, ISBN Barcodes, ISSN Barcodes, QR-Codes, and UPC  Numbers. You need to do your research to find out which barcode you will need. It depends if you are selling a book, clothing, candles, or soap.

"What is a barcode for?" great question. Well, this is your answer: A barcode is necessary on books because the book industry produces so many books annually that a special "country" EAN prefix has been designated just for books used within the universal barcode system. The EAN prefix has been adapted in the sale and handling of books as the worldwide standardization formula. In short form, the only way to keep track of how many books are sold and handled in each country with this unique, special little code. No book throughout the world will have the same barcode as your book.

For accounting purposes, barcodes help book stores with keeping track of their inventory by knowing what their inventory count is, how much their inventory is worth, the pricing of their inventory, and what the customers' transactions are per hour, per day, per week, per month, per year, if they are needing to know. With the barcode of your book, the store owner knows everything they need to know about your book price and where your book was made.

Looking for certified barcode numbers, these businesses below, offer cost-effective barcode numbers that are perfect for using on products you want to sell on Amazon or other online and offline retailers that require a barcode number. These businesses provide you with the 13-digit EAN and 12-digit UPC barcode numbers. Remember, the barcode numbers are yours for life.

Not sure what type of barcode to get. No problem, has a Barcode Comparison Chart which shows you what each barcode looks like (barcode symbology), type of barcode, character set, length of barcode, checksum, scanners, and applications/comments.

Make sure you do your own research about barcodes and the companies that sell them. They are not cheap so you don't want to waste your money. Before purchasing the barcodes make sure where you plan on selling your books online or offline will accept your barcode. Not all retailers do. If you have a publishing company making your books, they handle the barcodes for you. You don't have to worry about that issue.

Here is  great article by The Book Designer - Practical Advice To Help Build Better Books - Article: ISBN 101 For Self-Publishers that I came across which helped me decide whether I should purchase my own barcode, use a FREE barcode, or use the one offered by my publishing company. This article helps you understand barcodes.

More valuable information on the Book Marketing and Promotion Ideas page that will help your book or company.

I hope you find this information helpful in your marketing and promoting adventure. I decided not to charge for this information like other people do. The only payment I want is for you to purchase my book, Jamie's Pet children's book available on Amazon only if you want to. Remember, leave a review.

All companies and individuals are encouraged to read and understand each service, their policies, and then decide if they are the right fit for you.

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These articles are worth your time in reading, they are full of valuable information and can help aide in your decision to use the service, solve a problem you may have, avoid getting scammed, purchase the service or product. 

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Barcode Comparison Chart by Barcode Graphics, Plascards, and WSEL - Shows you Exactly what the Barcodes look like, Type of Barcode, Character Set, Length, Checksum, Scanners, and Applications. These two barcode comparison charts will help you decide which barcode you will need.


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