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Top Children's Books For Kindergarten Students

By Self-Published Authors

April 23, 2020 by Ramona Morrow and Merricat

Research studies and common sense have shown that nurturing a love for reading at an early age leads to benefits in learning later on. Those benefits lead to a more diversified and broad range of general knowledge, the child's vocabulary expands considerably, and also the child becomes a more fluent reader. It has been found that the child's attention span improves and they have better concentration levels throughout their life. Children who love to read often become confident learners and more creative thinkers. It's never too early to nurture this love for reading.

How do you select children's books for your little book lover learning to read? What is the most effective way to educate impressionable young readers, yet still include moral lesson within the story? Children's books for younger children and children's books for kindergarten students fill bookstore shelves, but which are the best? What should you look for in a list of Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students? This is the answer to your questions, these books will feature an engaging story, age-appropriate vocabulary, and easy sentences for young readers to handle.

Very often young bookworms go-to books for kindergarten students to read aloud feature repetitive words or catchy phrases. Children's books enjoyed by young book lovers also include rhyming words. A new collection of marvellous children's books, including these books written by self-published authors, feature titles like Handsome Handsome Gentleman, Roo The Little Red Tuk Tuk, Trudy Matoody, and When Poke Woke.

These children's books were written for younger children, to be specific, kindergarten students but children as young as two-years-old and as old as ten-years-old can enjoy these books too. This new collection of Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students is great for tiny book lovers learning to read and for elementary students who already like to read. Here are 15+ children's books that will captivate your young students for five minutes or more. Great books can grab the attention of your kindergarten students where you have captured and suspended their thoughts and for a short time, their imagination grew to new heights never discovered before by each student.

So, why not introduce new children's books into your little readers' storytime book hour. Our list will help choose the perfect children's book for little book lovers learning to read. In addition to this list below, we also have a downloadable PDF book list regarding the Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students. It is perfect to keep next to you when you are online book shopping looking for young bookworm's next gift. Any one of these children's books will make an excellent gift for birthdays, Christmas, or just simply meeting a child for the first time, like a new babysitter. So don't forget young bookworms love books and what's even better they love to receive a book as a present. What are some good bookworm books they can receive as a gift? Well often than not, they are stories that spark the imagination and introduce a child to new cultures and ideas or include a fantastic moral lesson in a story. Titles that do this include, In The Middle Of The Night, Mono die seuntjie Sonder sintuie, Milton's Messy House, What Kind Of World Would It Be, A Spark Of Kindness, How Our Skin Sparkles, A Hug, and Sara and Her Magic Abaya.

Below is a list of Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students that teachers should consider adding to their bookshelves situated in their classrooms. These children's books will help inspire and motivate their young students' love of reading. The children's books listed below are fantastic for introducing young readers to a brand new collection of marvellous books on the market written by self-published authors. Having a collection of books ready for a regular storytime will foster a love of reading as well. New children's books for the little readers' storytime should feature animals, such as Jamie's Pet, Little Bluebird, How To Keep An Owl Dry In The Rain, Squatchy's In His Puddle, and Miss Ellie's Day At The Beach.

Kindergarten Students have already been taught the proper way to hold, care for, and to respect books. This is the perfect time to teach young readers how to read aloud in a classroom setting or to read quietly but independently. This is exactly when you find who the shy readers are. From this environment and careful coaching, shy readers will learn to be confident readers and confident readers will learn that it's alright to shine with confidence. There is no such thing in today's world with having an excessive amount of confidence. That is a decent lesson for ALL kids to find out for themselves.

We are proud to present to you our popular children's books for kindergarten students found on Amazon. Here is a list of the top 15+ children's books with a short description of each book. The Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students will certainly charm, entice, excite, entertain, but most of all, teach your very young readers. Youthful book readers will cherish the fundamental books for kindergarten students to read aloud.

Jamie's Pet is one of the finest children's books for younger children. Like many kids, Jamie wants a pet, but he isn't sure what kind to get.

Handsome, Handsome Gentleman is a great new children's book for little readers as their storytime reading. A little boy has all the luxuries he could ever want, but he discovers what true happiness really is.

In The Middle Of The Night easily makes the list of wonderful children's books for kindergarten students. With captivating rhyme, the story describes two brothers who find themselves awake for adventure in the middle of the night.

Little Bluebird is an excellent choice for reading aloud in the category of new children's books for little readers storytime book reading. It tells the story of a sweet bird who has one wing shorter than the other and teaches us to celebrate our differences.

Trudy Matoody joins the list of top children's books for kindergarten students as it combines Trudy's love of singing with her animal friends' love of singing and colour.

Mono die seuntjie Sonder sintuie is part of this new collection of marvellous children's books. Containing a great cultural study and important lesson, the book tells the story of Mono when his senses decide to run away he uses them for the wrong reasons.

Milton's Messy House is proof that our children's books make a great gift. In a fun story about clearing clutter, Milton learns how keeping things tidy helps him relax and be a lot happier. A great way to encourage youngsters to pitch in around the house.

What Kind Of World Would It Be does much to educate impressionable young readers through its powerful message of kindness. By asking what kind of world would it be if everyone acted just like me? Young readers learn about the power of simple, selfless acts to make the world a better place.

When Poke Woke is one of our top kindergarten books for young readers. Poke is an adorable hedgehog who immediately curls in a ball when trouble comes near. But when his friends are in danger, he has a big choice to make.

How To Keep An Owl Dry In The Rain is one of our children's books enjoyed by young book lovers who like to find creative solutions. A little owl hates to get wet, so three siblings set out to find a way to help him stay dry.

Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk is another of our children's books written by self-published authors. It introduces children to the colourful stories of Sri Lanka.

Squatchy's In His Puddle is a young bookworm must-have books for kindergarten students to read aloud. Squatchy likes his puddle more than the pond that all the other ducks like, and everyone learns it's okay to be yourself.

A Spark Of Kindness reminds young readers that just a little bit of kindness goes a long way toward making people feel good. This includes a fantastic moral lesson in the story that shows one spark can make a flame of kindness burn bright.

How Our Skin Sparkles explores and celebrates our differences while teaching kindergarteners the value of accepting themselves and other as they are.

A Hug is an essential book for young readers, even as little as two years old. In a child-friendly way, it examines the positive aspects of hugs and touch, but also teaches the right to say no and set boundaries. A clever and safe way to start an important conversation with children.

Sara and Her Magic Abaya cross-cultural lines when Sara uses her magic abaya to travel the world and see wonderful sights, even the ancient pyramids of Egypt.

Miss Ellie's Day At The Beach is a cute book about an elephant who spends the day at the beach. Come along and see how Miss Ellie entertains herself at the beach.

What were your go-to children's books for kindergarten students? What were your favorite kindergarten books? What were your child's favorite kindergarten books? Use the Facebook Comment form below to enter your answers.

On behalf of all Authors, we, thank you for reading the Article, Top Children's Books For Kindergarten Students. We hope you purchase our paperback books, hardcover books, download our eBook Kindle Editions, or listen to our audible audiobooks. Each book was written out of love and we want our children's books to be enjoyed by young book lovers eagerly looking for their imagination to grow and books with an amazing moral lesson in their story. These books are here to be appreciated by teachers, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins, neighbors, friends, but most of all, children. So, let's all get reading!

Click link below for a FREE download of Top Children's Books For Kindergarten Students List as a PDF.

Jamie and Gizmo Series
Jamie's Pet

Author Ramona Morrow

Narrator Jessica Duncan

2020 December Royal Dragonfly Book Award Winner

Honorable Mention for Animals/Pets

2020 August Canada Book Award Winner
2019 Fall Pinnacle Book Achievement Award Winner

Best Book in Category of Children's Interest

Jamie's Pet is a charming children's storybook about a typical little boy who wants to get a pet. Jamie isn't sure what kind of pet to get because he is not sure what kinds of pets are available. Jamie and his mother decide to walk to the pet store. Once inside the pet store, Jamie discovers all sorts of pets available. Jamie walks together with his mother throughout the pet store observing all types of different animals. Jamie realizes that this is a real tough decision. So many animals that would make a great pet. Jamie holds a pet and right there knows instantly that this is the kind of pet he wants to get. Jamie finds his perfect pet, the perfect friend.

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Canadian Children's Book Author and Blogger

Ramona read Clifford, the Big Red Dog by Norman Bridwell and Curious George by Hans Augusto Rey and Margaret Rey in the third grade and was bitten by the book bug. She has loved books ever since. Ramona blogs and writes poetry, short stories, she reads, listens to music, and loves to cook as a form of relaxation, "Cooking relaxes me. I love to create meals from scratch."

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Adobe Spark Slideshow for Top Children's Books for Kindergarten Students include Jamie's Pet, Handsome Handsome Gentleman, In the Middle of the Night, Little Bluebird, Trudy Matoody, Mono, Milton's Messy House, What Kind of World Would it Be?, When Poke Woke, How to Keep an Owl Dry in the Rain, Roo The Little Red Tuk Tuk, Squatchy's in his Puddle, A Spark of Kindness, How Our Skin Sparkles, A Hug, Sara and her Magic Abaya, and Miss Ellie's Day at the Beach. Enjoy the slideshow!

Handsome, Handsome Gentleman

Author Brandon Wood

Handsome, Handsome Gentleman is a cute children's book novice readers will thoroughly enjoy. Does money buy happiness? A wealthy little baby boy has every luxury money can buy, what he really wants in this world is true undeniable happiness! There is an outstanding moral lesson parents and children can both learn.

In The Middle Of The Night

Author Michael Arnold

This charming tale is about imagination and monsters. This unique rhyming picture book tells the story about two brothers who should be sleeping but one of them is not. Read this storybook to find out which brother, in the middle of the night, turns into a monster. We all remember hearing creepy noises, in the dark, In The Middle Of The Night. Or was it all in our head? A delightful children's book that makes a great addition to any bedtime story bookshelf.

Little Bluebird

Author Erin Murphy

Illustrator Mykyta Harets

A young bird, Emmi Bluebird born with one wing shorter than the other. Little Bluebird is Emmi's story about her persistence, determination, and hurdles through several obstacles she encounters along the way. Throughout all of this Emmi spreads kindness wherever she goes and accepts being born different. Emmi shows everyone being different isn't all that bad. But aren't we all born different?

Trudy Matoody

Author Marcia Ashford

Illustrator Sergio Drummond

Spanish Translator Natalia Franco

Trudy Matoody is an adorable little girl who loves to sing. The story begins with Trudy taking a walk through the forest after the rain stopped. She wanted to get to her favorite pond. Trudy finds the forest filled with animals who all want to be her friend. Guess what? Was she ever surprised? They all loved to sing too! But wait, their singing has a twist to it. All the animals sing in colour! Sing along with Trudy and her new friends to make a musical rainbow. Trudy Matoody makes an excellent bedtime story.


Children's Coloring and Activity Book:


Spanish Edition:


die seuntjie Sonder sintuie

Author Chantel Vergotine

Illustrator Justin Isaacs

Mono, is about a boy whose senses, his ears, eyes, mouth, and nose ran away because Mono used them for all the wrong reasons.

Milton's Messy House

Author Bryony Tretter

Illustrator Mahnaz Yazdani

This story is about Milton's emotional journey as he begins to declutter his house. At first, Milton is overwhelmed as he starts to declutter his house. This makes him feel very anxious. Milton finds a sense of relief while he is decluttering. So, he begins to declutter his life as well. In the end, Milton feels free, not bogged down and has less stress, being much happier. Everyone should make decluttering their house a family event. Milton's Messy House has an amazing message for children and parents.

What Kind Of World Would It Be?

Author Angelina Schafer Gauthier

Illustrator Hayley Moore

This darling children's book is about kindness challenges. Children need to reflect on their actions and inspire meaningful discussions about how actions and words impact other people. If everyone in the world acted exactly like me, What Kind Of World Would It Be? Important dialogue in this book gives suggestions on how to make the world a little kinder. The story shows the reader how simple our social interactions we have daily with each other can be memorable, like helping someone and how kind words have a lasting impact on us as human beings.

When Poke Woke

Author Susan Robinson

Illustrator Ezequiel Decarli

When Trouble is near Poke, the hedgehog's instinct is to curl up into a ball. Poke wants to be like his friends who laugh at danger. Danger threatens his friends, it is up to Poke to save them. Can he save them? Will he save them? What would Poke, the hedgehog do? When Poke Woke?

Spanish Edition:

How To Keep An Owl Dry In The Rain

Author Krista Stith

Illustrator Laureana Auty

The story starts when we accompany three young siblings on their journey as they try to solve a problem for an owl who does not like to get wet. This unique problem for an owl challenges the children to use design thinking. What can we use to help keep the owl dry? Well, let's try a scuba  suit. How about a pirate's hat? Maybe a pop-up tent will work. Do these solutions work? Find out from the owl in this cleverly written children's book, How To Keep An Owl Dry In The Rain?

Stories From Sri Lanka Series
Roo, The Little Red Tuk Tuk

Author Nadishka Aloysius

Illustrator Privanka Fonseka

Contributor Prasad Chandimal

Finalist at the Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2019

Roo is a little Tuk Tuk. Come along with Roo as he remembers his trials and tribulations of his life travelling on the many roads of Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka. Roo, an auto-rickshaw, had a great life and enjoyed it to the fullest. He has been involved in the road races, included in Polo Tournaments, and proudly joined in when it came to animal rescues. Roo's self-satisfaction is lending a helping hand and spreading cheer wherever he goes.

You are never too little to make a difference...Whether you wish to introduce cultural diversity to your kids, encourage them to travel or see exotic places through this book, Roo The Little Red Tuk Tuk.

Squatchy's In His Puddle

Author Tina Biby

Illustrator Kurt Jensen

Squatchy, the duck is different than other ducks. When all the other ducks go swimming in the local pond, Squatchy is happily swimming in his puddle. When all the other ducks want to investigate the pasture on the farm, Squatchy is nowhere to be found? He is swimming in his puddle. Squatchy loves his puddles. One day the other ducks are in jeopardy. Does Squatchy save all his duck friends? What do you think happens next? Squatchy's In His Puddle children's book is a treasure and an impressive storybook. 

A Spark Of Kindness

Author Kelly Grace

Illustrator Erika Velazquez

Joey will demonstrate examples of kindness when he is interacting with his classmates, sister and his mother. This storybook will guide and show your child how A Spark Of Kindness is satisfaction enough for some people to keep them happy. Kindness is just one of the moral lessons a human being can teach others. With this fun and friendly children's book, your child will enjoy enchanting illustrations and darling rhymes.

How Our Skin Sparkles

Author Aditi Wardhan Singh

Illustrator Illustrations Hub

How Our Skin Sparkles cleverly discusses people's skin colour using science together with one's culture. The discussion begins when Aarav arrives home from school and wants to know why his skin colour is different than the rest of the kids in his class. Follow along with this precious rhyming children's book as Aarav is taught to look at a person from the inside instead of judging them by looking at just their skin colour.

A Hug

Author Nicola Manton

Illustrator Magali Garcia

A Hug children's book enlightens children they have the power to say, "NO" to all unwanted touches and offers clever alternative solutions for greeting other people. This delightful picture book shows children who want a hug can have a hug in all sorts of different circumstances. Also discusses children not wanting a hug which is okay, not to receive a hug. This brilliant children's book is an excellent tool for parents who want to approach the subject with their child but are not sure how to properly talk about it.

Sara And Her Magic Abaya

Author Coryn Middleton

Sara, an adorable young lady who dreams about travelling far far away. Observe Sara as she visits different countries and encounters enchanting views and marvellous buildings. Sara and her Magic Abaya is the perfect children's adventure story to teach young kids about the fascinating wonders of travelling around the world!

Miss Ellie's Day At The Beach

Author Alana Evans

Miss Ellie's Day At The Beach is an adorable children's book about a sweet elephant who tries to enjoy herself at the beach. The day is far from perfect but that is what is amazing about this storybook. The book teaches you that positive things can come from bad days. Miss Ellie makes the most of her bad day at the beach. Beginner readers will enjoy the large print and simple sentences in this book. Great moral lesson!

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